Friday, August 3, 2012


You will create a campus event, unfortunately, did an stuck preparation process. Already looking for sponsors here and there, asking for donations from alumni, but funds are still lacking. Quiet There's no way you could have asked for donations from public places. In addition to raising funds effectively, these methods also make you and your friends the more compact the other committee. Here are will provide a smart way how to raise money easily:

1. Its Only A Box.
Do: 1) Stand in a place that is often passed by people such as red light or stop; 2) Include in the box, the name that will show you the title follows the name of the campus. Do not forget to wear a jacket alma mater; 3) Have a goog friends looking for a carrier box. DO NOT: Clothes completely open and flashy jewelry for women's committee.

2. Impromptu singers. 
Do: 1) Empower the good friends singing and playing guitar; 2) Select a crowded location, such as roadside snacks around lunchtime. DO NOT: 1) Forcing to charge visitors have refused to even subtle; 2) Flocking mengemen when making impaired visitors.

3. Food. 
Do: 1) Adjust the type of cuisine that will be sold at any moment. Misalya, menu Ramadhal fasting during the month, or brownies and chocolate Valentine's Day; 2) If you bothered to cook, you should buy food only. Choose which have guaranteed quality, and naikna little price. DO NOT: 1) Raise the price is too high, because the hope of profits in quick time, 2) Sell the leftovers today at low prices. If it has expired, it actually adds to the problem.

4. Car Wash. Do: 1) Ask the college permission to hold car wash in the campus parking lot, 2) Make sure the college would provide water and are willing to place so muddy. DO NOT: 1) Take equipment from home car washing, 2) Make sure the soap used vehicle does not make the paint faded and dust-free sponge pebbles so that vehicles do not even scratched. DO NOT: The enjoyment of water play with friends when the car wash customers (waste of time) that make customers cranky!

5. Clearance.
 Do: 1) Collect clothing, shoes, and accessories of the committee and relatives that are not used for sale, 2) To facilitate the time of sale, the price tag temple in each item. DO NOT: Sells clothing in poor condition. For example: buttons are not intact, perforated or smearing.

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