Friday, August 10, 2012


Your off-road terrain like? it is good to actually prepare the vehicle. Cars for heavy field must have strong legs.

Because it's the one supporting you succeed or not out of the offroad track. After ensuring the reliability of the car should be read offroad terrain that would be passed.

In these conditions you should really be able to read a character field that will be passed as:.

1. Before you go down to the field recognize the functions available in the car, such as 2H, 4H and 4L. 
2H (2WD High Range) which means that power is channeled to the rear wheels only. To model the car is only suitable for asphalt track. Do caecal car-times dipping into muddy terrain.

4H (4WD High Range), the engine power channeled to the front wheels and the rear portion of the distribution of 50:50. This position is to bad road conditions, slippery or wet. 4L (4WD Low Range) in tenag of distributed machines with a maximum of four wheels. Function of these features for a muddy off-road terrain.

2. Learn the field that would go.
 Do not let the car you use is not in accordance with the trajectory that would pass. Rather than get out of the track, but the effect is actually trapped in the mud.

In this case you have to learn the car height (ground clearance and wheelbase). It is very important when you go through the bumps or bumpy roads.

Front Over Hang In addition, the distance from the center to the forefront of the front wheels of the vehicle. Angle aproach, the large angle formed between a flat line and the road leading point of the vehicle. Hang Over Rear center distance between the rear wheel with the car backward. Departure Angle, the term is to a large angle formed between a flat line the street and point backward.

3. If you are a beginner should heed the expert (experienced). 
Well, when you are the second participant or after that try not to make their own line. Keep belt that has been passed. It was to maintain security.

4. Set the speed of the car.
This was in anticipation of a sharp bend in front. Do not let the car's tail does not come through.

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