Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Section view of the various motors such as Ducati, Suzuki Hayabusa, Kawasaki ZX Honda Fireblade or indeed to make out the saliva. However, when buying a big bike in the conditions used or resale, any factors that we need to consider?

Director of PT Putra Oentoro Motor Steven Oentoro who founded the first ex-showroom in Indonesia moge called moto8, share tips for potential buyers of resale in the motor home.

According to Steven, there are several factors to consider before the candidates are spending money to pay.

"The first factor is of course the engine note. Easiest way, see if there is oil seeping from the middle block. Note whether the leak was due to the engine block had cracked or simply because the gasket with age. Consider these factors right," .

Another thing to note is that according to Steven framework conditions. Rigorous conditions of the motor frame is a good target for us. "As much as possible looking for a bike frame still in original paint, because that has not been painted over, bent old could get caught," he said again.

"Then the electrical problem. 'Strip' motor, see the wires are still good or there are marks on the piece. Because if the cut is usually used in sensor in the motor like the error," said Steven.

"Furthermore, the engine starter. Note the motor when distarter to know that the machine is still setting the standard and correct, to the ignition engines using only the starter button without the gas. If the machine can be idle, meaning that the engine is healthy (correct setting), if necessary to be gassed , could be due to several factors such as: fuel mixture is not correct, or incorrect engine timing, or compression leak, "said Steven length.

After all it was checked, then the motor was ready for the road test. For this testing session there is usually an agreement that dropped or damaged due to rider error to be paid.

"Before officially purchased, do you have to test ride, test ride it well done to find out what the shortcomings of these motors. If chains or tires, it depends on the conditions and agreements. The important thing is to check the chassis, running to the left or right does not, the former collided or not, "lugasnya.

"Finally, check the papers of the vehicle. It's best to check Samsat, take BPKB same physical checks, there are fears that 'cut-paste'. Check chassis number and engine number with the same or not disurat," due diligence.

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