Sunday, August 5, 2012


Rapidly increasing trend of photographing in the last 5 years. Millions of frames generated per day and it's hard to imagine 10 years ago. Camera technology is getting cheaper and more spectacular software that makes this hobby sticking immeasurable.

However, for those who are just starting on this visual pleasure, usually dwell on the classic questions below. What are they?

A. What is the best camera?
In terms of image quality, of medium format camera technology and large format no one to beat. However, in terms of practicality and for those who want to learn photography, perhaps this type of camera you need to forget the old.

Choose the Digital Single Lens Reflect (DSLR). The form is simple and easy-operated feature is perfect for anyone. Pocket camera is also not taboo to study photography.

2. What camera brand most good?
This is common and the most popular questions will now jump in the world of photography. These questions as you would buy a car, what car brand is the best? Of course all have the characteristics and advantages of each. Also its weakness.

With a plus minus, you as a photographer who is able to explore the benefits and shortfalls that have purchased the camera. No need to hesitate if your camera brand is rarely used by your friends.

3. With a limited budget, what camera to buy?
If a budget under $ 5 million, buy a pocket camera that has been providing feature 'Manual'. This feature will help you get acquainted with the 'Speed' and 'diaphragm'.

Do not hesitate to buy a pocket camera. Because of expensive-expensive cameras, it can not show you the best angle when shooting. The camera can not show you the best composition and excellent idea to take pictures even though worth USD 200 million. Both the poor results in the hands of photographers taking pictures.

When your money in the range of Rp 5 million to $ 10 million, try searching for prosumer cameras with additional lens kit. When the budget between Rp 10 million to $ 20 million, try to select a semi-professional cameras with fixed lens options.

4. Where good, or mirrorless DSLR?
In terms of practicality, a digital camera without a lens (mirrorless) must be very precise. The camera of this type would be useful to accompany you on the streets because that is lightweight and compact physique. The picture quality is also dare to compete with a DSLR camera.

But to enter the world of photography is more expert again, it is better to choose a DSLR in general. Therefore, the speed of the memory card to store images in the camera mirrorless, still less rapidly with SLR cameras in general. Moreover mirrorless camera battery types is quite wasteful.

5. After purchasing the camera, buy a telephoto lens or wide first?
If you already have the option to shoot landscape, the telephoto lens becomes second priority. If still trying to experiment, a telephoto lens would not hurt. Tele 200 mm is more than enough. This telephoto lens is ideal for photographing models, sports, or traveling.

6. Where better, wide or tele?
Wide and tele has the function and advantages of each. Sudat one to shoot with wide viewing, only to bring distant objects. If you have enough budget, buy both of them instantly.

But if your budget is limited, I recommend buying the lens wide (width) first. This wide range of lenses in 16mm, 17mm, 20mm, 24mm, and 28mm.

Even if the budget is still not sufficient, you can maximize the kit lens. There is also a good idea to save to buy a normal lansa the diaphragm (f) of the first are quite affordable. This normal lens is 50 mm. Called normal because it does not lead to distorted images and the range of the lens according to the human eye.

7. Should take a photography course or self taught?
If you have a budget, there is no harm in taking a photography class. Because you will understand photography in a systematic and structured.

If reluctant to take a photography course, try to learn diligently, consistently and not easily satisfied. Entering the photography club to exchange opinions about photography is required and also helps your photography.

8. Does it need to take a photography course software?
You better shooting ability prior deepening in the first months. When the feeling started to expertly use your camera, there's no harm in trying to deepen the photography software.

The ability of mature photography is needed so you do not rely too much on software. Also finalize ideas, concepts and practices of photography first.

In fact, if the current trend of digital has become a profession in itself. Not impossible, though one day the world will take a total of digital photography. When the time comes, you will be prompted to choose a photographer or 'oldiger'.

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