Thursday, August 9, 2012


Comparing is human nature. Although it may help to evaluate themselves, but not infrequently the habit leads to envy and jealousy.

Therefore, try to stop comparing and start to respect ourselves and others. Here's how to stop the habit of comparing yourself with others, such as.

1. Do you have a person who always gets jealous?
For example, partner, boss, or a close friend. If so, try changing envy into motivation for yourself. Make these people as an exercise to deal with the attitudes of others.

2. Eliminate the habit of comparing is not young.
Necessary humility that is so big. Therefore, try to change your mindset to not always feel less. Slide your mind by concentrating on what has been owned and make you happy.

3. Give to others what you would expect from him.
If you want others to respect you, try to learn to appreciate it first. Likewise, if you want to be loved, give love as well. Remember, what you plant is what you reap.

4. Learn positive things from people who make you jealous.
Get rid of your mind that you are 'less', and do repairs yourself. Quoting from the words of Yoko Ono - John Lennon's widow - who said, "Change jealousy into admiration, and what you admire become part of your life."

5. Give a good prayer to the people who make you jealous.
It may sound cliche, but it can help you transform negative energy into more positive.

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