Thursday, August 30, 2012


Who would have thought, the background scenery is in fairy tales there is also in the real world. Complete with its privileges, here's 5 places similar to a fairy tale.
Not a dream anymore to go directly places in fairy tales. Apparently some places in these stories have in common with these 5 locations. In view of the similar, here's 5 places similar to a fairy tale:

1. Colmar, Alsace, France
Asked as the most beautiful city in Europe, Alsace in Colmar France has a very pretty. Enter this area, you really like being in a fairy tale. Alsace is the second driest city in France. Therefore, this area is known for producing good grapes. So colorful wineries certainly always tersuguh here.
Typical European building, complete with a garden bench, a fountain, and the leaves are falling into the most beautiful scenery here. The city with the river down is the most exciting events in Colmar. The whole point of the city you can see clearly from the boat.

2. Venice, Italy
It could be said that Venice, Italy is the counterpoint Alsace in France. Urban planning so perfect coupled with charming architecture. There are no roads in this city, only the canal and boats as the only transport people.
Venice had the 455 bridge with hundreds of small dock. Enjoy the views of the more serene with the gondola. Romantic side of Venice is very clearly visible. No longer a secret that a lot of love that blossomed in the city.

3. Hoi An, Vietnam
Beautiful scenery typical fairy tale does not belong to Europe. Asia did have Hoi An, a small city on the shores of Vietnam. It is quite difficult to reach. At least you have to give up as long as 12 hours for a wasted trip.
However, the benefits you can get when you get to Hoi An seemed larger than that feels tired. The scenery here is almost similar to the Venetian and Colmar. Hoi An is also wonderful because of the river flowing in the middle of town. Only, Hoi An looks more classic. Chinese nuance also feels very thick here.

4. Faroe Islands, Denmark
Do not always think if the area is inhabited by hobbits in the film 'Lord of the Ring'. Overview Faroe Islands, Denmark does look like a place in a fairy tale. The island is located between Iceland and Norway. Surrounding waters of the Atlantic Ocean is.
Small houses standing on the edge of the sea. Almost the entire area is filled with a refreshing eye grass. Even some of the roof of the house was seen filled with green plants. The scenery is hard to get elsewhere you here. Do not believe? Please come and feel how Faroe Islands will take you deep into the world of fantasy.

5. Sintra, Portugal
Not far from the capital of Portugal, Lisbon, there is a small town filled with magical shades. This is also one of the beautiful cities in Europe. His name is Sintra. The city has a few castles that are similar to the background in a fairy tale.
At least there are some very beautiful castle. The Castle Mouro, Istrana Perrna, and Palacio Nacional de Sintra (Sintra National Palace) is the third sturdy building stands in the center of town. In addition, Sintra is also known as kacantikan population. Most of the female population wearing princess-style palace. Nuance fairy tale certainly be felt here.

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