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The bosses of technology companies often speak in public. Obviously, they can be described as a funnel for the company he leads.

Often the rich bosses of this controversial remarks. Yes, although usually speak with great caution, the two times they slip out.

Here are some controversial statements from the bosses of technology,
1. Bill Gates Undermining Steve Job
"What I can not find the answer is why he (Steve Jobs) trying to become CEO of Apple? He knows that he can not win," (June 1998).

Speech was delivered by Bill Gates led the response to the return of Steve Jobs of Apple at the end of the decade of the 1990s. At that time, Apple is going down. Its stock price is only USD 7.25, a far cry compared to the value of USD 29 Microosft.

But Steve Jobs at Apple finally successfully raised. Up until now, Apple is one of the most valuable companies in the world with popular gadgets such as iPod, iPad to iPhone.

2. Steve Ballmer Google Ban Kids Wear and Ipod
"My children, in some dimensions of being naughty like the other kids, but at least in one dimension is I wash my children's brains, you do not use Google, you do not use an iPod," (March, 2006)

Some bosses may be reluctant to use artificial products rival. Including Steve Ballmer, CEO Microsoft at this time. He admitted that he forbade his children to use Google and iPod.

Perhaps instead, he asked them to use Microsoft's Bing search engine and Zune music player. But the Zune itself is no longer produced Microsoft for failing to compete with iPod.

3. Ethernet inventor of the Internet Doomsday Prediction
"Almost all the predictions made at this time is the rapid growth of the Internet in 1996. But I predict that the Internet would collapse in 1996 that," (1995)

Robert Metlcalfe known as one of the inventors of computer networking technology ethernet epithet. But he predicted the Internet would collapse in 1996. Unfortunately, the prediction is wrong. Rapidly growing Internet until now.

4. Google's Eric Schmidt To Reign Man
"I actually think most people do not want Google to just answer their questions, they also want Google to tell them what to do next," (August, 2010).

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Eric Schmidt threw the controversial sentence. He considered human beings would be happy if Google can guide them.

Of course not everyone agrees with the opinion of the former CEO of Google. If so, might be too dependent on humans or machines controlled by Google.

5. Steve Jobs's Not Sure People Love Reading
"Is it bad or good product does not mean, the fact that people are not going to read anymore. Whole concept is problematic because people no longer read," (January, 2008).

The late Steve Jobs said that when responding to the presence of a digital book reader Kindle from Amazon. He estimates that the product will fail because people do not really like reading anymore.

However, Kindle is quite exploded. And Apple products like the iPad book reader also features for its users

6. Mark Zuckerberg mocked Facebook users
"People sign up. I do not know why. They just trust me. Really stupid".

Mark Zuckerberg said it was unknown at the beginning of the emergence of Facebook, while he was at Harvard University. He mocked Facebook users start as such personal information entrusted to her identity.

Zuckerberg himself has said the sentence was admitted and regretted it. "I think I've grown and learned a lot from it," he said.

Sony 7.Bos Consumers Want To Pay Expensive
'We want consumers to think' I'll work more to buy one ', "(July, 2005)

The above sentence was pronounced by Ken Kutaragi, former boss in the game division of Sony. Apparently he wanted to consumers do not mind paying top dollar for a Sony product. Even willing to work hard to just buy one unit. Of course not all agree with what he said.

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