Saturday, August 4, 2012


You need to know for sure blackberry smartphone class requires a lot of energy to support the performance, well this is the reason why the battery on the blackberry is often wasteful.

Actually the battery on the blackberry is set up and optimized to support the performance of the smartphone itself, but even then the conditions will become weaker as the battery with its use, the battery on a course different from the old blackberry blackberry new battery that can last for 2 -3 days.

And for those of you who are upset at BB battery problem might calm some of the following Blackberry Battery Saving Tips can be the solution, and in addition can save batteray Blackberry tips can also make the Blackberry a long-lived batteries, please be listened to.
Choose a provider that has a stable network, so that your blackberry is not always looking for signals. this is certainly a very influential on the battery.
Setting Screen display brightness and timeout Option >> Screen / keyboard backlight brightness >> set so 10 (the smallest) and the backlight timeout to be 10 (the fastest).
Customize your profile as efficient as possible, turn off the vibrate + + volume LED lights >> Profiles (picture speaker) >> Advanced >> Enter from which the active profile settings >> + volume + Vibrate LED lights for fuel efficient as possible alerts, Facebook, Message, MMS, SMS, YM.
You can use the native blackberry holster for blackberry when inserted into the holster the screen will be automatically deactivated.
Turn off LED indicator and tone keypad.
Matika bluetooth, Wifi, and GPS when not needed.
Use a Blackberry theme that is simple without animation.
Remove applications and themes that are rarely used option >> Options >> Advanced >> Application >> delete unnecessary applications.
can use the facility if the silent profile, with no ring and vibrate when you sleep suppose you could use a silent profile.
Use 3G signal only when necessary, for example, you can use the 3G signal when I want to download large files, it's beyond just use 2G signal (edge). due to absorption of energy at very large 3G network access you can change the menu >> Option >> Mobile Network and change Network Mode to 2G.

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