Sunday, August 12, 2012


Driving the rainy season should be extra careful. A number of these tips may help you to drive more safely when it rains, especially for those of you who will travel far:

1.Sebelum drive, make sure the car in top condition. For example, the brakes must work properly, the pressure udaraban enough, the rubber wiper can still sweep the water perfectly.

2. Reduce your car speed. Where possible remove the foot from the accelerator and brake early with less force than usual. Speeding when driving rain can make the car 'float' is not terkekndali and exit routes should be, due to Because of the stagnant water.

3. Avoid standing water. At first glance, standing water may be dangerous. However, water could have been higher than expected due to the hole or contoured jaln conditions.

4. When new areas through flood, 'dry' wet brakes by stepping on the gas pedal and brake simultaneously. Before you proceed, make sure the brakes are already well underway.

5. Rain and air conditioning is too cold can make the windshield fogged. If this happens, press the defrost defroster effective moisture. If the car does not use the facilities defroster, air conditioning alohkan on both sides of the front windows to dilute the dew. At least mirror the premises must be clearly visible while driving.

6. Avoid the use of floodlights in the rain. Floodlights would be difficult for you to see the road. Because of rain droplets in the air, the light will bounce back towards you. Instead, turn on your fog lights. Is guaranteed to help you see the road. Do not also use the hazard lights because it would interfere with other riders.

7. Aware of the situation around. The rain made it difficult to see people, animals or objects that exist in your sight.

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