Sunday, August 5, 2012


Facebook may be regarded as the largest social networking today. But that does not mean other social media sites do not bertaji, one of Twitter. Internet users perceived need to use the site 140 characters.

According to social media analyst Jeff Bullas, the use of Twitter is not just simply as a medium for free chirp. But can also be used to raise the prestige of personal interests or the company.

Here are 10 reasons why you should play the Twitter:

A. Community
On Twitter, you can find a lot of communities that can share information in real time. Start of the talk about technology, sports, health, love, and much more.

If you are from the company, would also be building a product-related community in which you worked via Twitter.

2. Directing Traffic to Blog / Website
Twitter can also be optimized as an angler. That is, if you have a blog or personal website / company, then it can use Twitter as a medium to attract visitors.

It's easy, just posting interesting things that provoke the curiosity of many people. After that, if you want more detailed information, give the link to access your follower. Of course these links lead to a blog or site in question.

3. Real Time Information
Information spreads very fast on Twitter. Chirping traffic passing by so quickly reflected back by the tweeps. The phenomenon is what makes Twitter can be a medium to provide updated information in real time.

A simple example, suppose there is an accident on the highway in the city. Toll road users who have a Twitter account will usually steam catapult them or simply want to share info on this microblogging site.

Because it includes important information, especially for Jakarta residents, it will quickly spread. Bekennya said many diretweet, until you finally get to the timeline.

4. Opening the Network
Twitter users are from different backgrounds. And it is not impossible they are important to your career or company-related activities, you can find easily on Twitter. Furthermore predictably, the network can begin to knit here.

5. Spread Your ideas
Got a brilliant idea? Do not just stored in the liver. Well, it could be thrown through the tweet-tweet you. If you would draw a lot of meretweet. Well, when presented with a global language, of course you can also tweet worldwide.

6. Hook the Global Audience
When it comes to the internet of course we are no longer able to think locally. Similarly, in Twitter, net global citizen can interact with ease. This condition can certainly be used by companies that want to attract global customers.

7. Building a Personal Brand
Twitter provides a place for you to share photos, link to a website or blog, as well as room to spawn ideas. This facility can at least be a beginning for creating your own personal brand in the digital world.

8. Service Customer Service
Want to get closer to your customers? Bikinlah Twitter account, but do not use your personal account name. Make it specific to a customer service your company's services.

But remember, do not be too stylish stuff like a robot is just a follower with selling the product. Because it might be considered spam alias so source of 'junk mail'.

9. Delivering Steam
Of course Twitter is not always used for serious purposes. Steam catapult or just vent is also very possible here. Just do not njeplak, like vocabulary Betawi, because there are ethics to be followed. Think before posting!

10. Test Market Reaction
Twitter is one more function for the company / business. They can use Twitter to conduct a mass at least a small survey.

For example, there is a clothing entrepreneur who wants to make new products. Prior to mass-produce it, you can certainly ask my followers on Twitter to design clothes that have been prepared. No doubt many who responded.

Well, what about those of you who have never played Twitter, is getting interested?

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