Friday, August 10, 2012


In recent months Research In Motion (RIM) tried hard to keep BlackBerry users are starting to leave, including from businessmen who became their main target.

Yes, in many parts of the world's BlackBerry market share continues to decline, eroded by the name of the rapid growth of the iPhone and Android.

 here are six reasons that make businesses reluctant to start using BlackBerry:

1. Security is no longer owned by RIM
RIM claims the network is encrypted, the BlackBerry users will be safe from the hands of ignorant. But that was then, now and other IOS platforms also offer security in terms not less.

2. RIM began to doubt the durability of the
Paralysis of the BlackBerry service Internet Service (BIS) some time ago made a lot of disappointed users. Though BlackBerry users expect email service is ready for use 24 hours nonstop.

3. The price was considered too expensive
About the price, BlackBerry mobile phone is not the most affordable. This gap is used by manufacturers of Android phones. With the price of the same potential users lured more features.

4. Consumer segment plays
Long enough to focus the development of RIM BlackBerry for the enterprise, thus judged to have ignored the consumer. iPhone and Android is evidence that the gadget is made for people can go home in the enterprise.

5. Productivity is everything
Indeed, the BlackBerry is designed to support the productivity of its users. But as familiar with the iPhone and Android users about productivity was no longer the exclusive on the phone made by RIM.

6. RIM's commitment Doubtful
There are times when RIM is considered very concerned with the enterprise. However, when the crowded consumer market, Canadian vendor is starting to turn. Indeed, this condition makes RIM awry. But decision makers in the IT field see this as an important issue. Where the CIO to the needs of companies do not want to come second with a market segment.

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