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Said to myself often squid (just miscall) to hear the sound of incoming calls to HP I have a Private Number / No Rahasia.Kadang I think what might be "Fans" y Bro? (Expect Wekekek Worry). Or perhaps also former Bro? (Hope he's still remembered us). Y fad Come buy Hp Magazine (Sorry do not want to mention the brand because it does not pay for magazine ads) turns out there eh Tips on How to Trace Private Number How Hp.Mau know Bro? All I am sharing here in the Blog "Sharing Science". Here are Tips and Tricks Private Number Hp track.

1) Enable VMB "Voice Mail Box" Buddy anda.Jika cards do not know how to enable "VMB" Please ask the service provider who sobat.Nah as private number nelpon deh game you turn off your phone then the MC who will be connected to the VMB td.Sabar Bro briefly again a few minutes then Turn the HP pal and just wait for the card provider sms from server HP pal who told me that you have been contacted.
For SingTel customers can not use a private number.
There are Several Ways to Nge-Block Private Number (Anti Private Number) I took from the side and suda tetengga Case in Let it worked:
No HP pal Immigration Card (Rich Bro Population movement gt).
Case Example: The thumb XL card immigration to the XL-Free (No Change SIM Card) After the try was no kelihatan.Silahkan The Private Number can check myself and my friend here Successful Share what not. (If you have not been to Provider XL-System Upgrade it).
2) If my friend using Motorola ROKR E6 HP Type, .. pake CallManager applications, these apps can ngeblock .. private number or another number that we kehendakin, .. there is also no where hp pengeturan can automatically send SMS to the number who in blocks, with sms .. we already setting sebelumnya.Silahkan Searching on
3) There is also DATA SAFE application, this application .., ... is a secure phone applications, where its function .. loads of them:
HP will automatically send the message, to a certain number which we've set, .. if its SIM card in the exchange (eg mobile phone is stolen, can be tracked bro ... any less than 10 seconds HP will send a sms, .. the contents of the HP activities they will be, for example .. they will be already on the HP for nelpon greet aja pake, and on the phone greeted wrote, could get caught .. broooo ...)
SMS from sim card will not be caught / illegible, if HP in the other car sim enter, HP also know .. No, ... be safe if such phone in pinjem friend, sms .. we ama list no phone, not going on .. ma ignorant friend
Can back up all contacts and sms to memory card in trying to please who have a hp ROKR E6
4) HP Kl0 Friend s0nyericss0n, to her private number just black list pake 'accept call 0nly fr0m list' aja. By default all callers. Kl0 k0ntaknya much, make k0ntak gr0up dlu wrote. Remember .. the new n0m0r also can not telef0n to us, from kiosks etc. telf spd.
5) Using the Application Best Blacklist
whitelist and blacklist. Whitelist rejected calls Blacklist numbering is not registered while refusing number you entered.
Private number? No problem, when in blacklist mode you can turn it down, and when the automatic whitelist mode will ditolak.Download Here
Types of phones that support is
LG KS10 (Joy), LG KT610, LG KT615,
Nokia 3250, Nokia 5320, Nokia 5500 Sport,
Nokia 5700, Nokia 6110 Navigator, Nokia 6120,
Nokia 6121, Nokia 6124, Nokia 6210,
Nokia 6220, Nokia 6290, Nokia 6650,
Nokia E50, Nokia E51, Nokia E60,
Nokia E61, Nokia E61i, Nokia E62,
Nokia E63, Nokia E65, Nokia E66,
Nokia E70, Nokia E71, Nokia E90,
Nokia N71, Nokia N73, Nokia N75,
Nokia N76, Nokia N77, Nokia N78,
Nokia N79, Nokia N80, Nokia N81,
Nokia N81 8GB, Nokia N82, Nokia N85,
Nokia N91, Nokia N91 8GB, Nokia N92,
Nokia N93, Nokia N93i, Nokia N95,
Nokia N95 8GB, Nokia N96, Samsung I7710,
Samsung Innov8 (i8510), Samsung SGH-G810, Samsung SGH-i400,
Samsung SGH-i450, Samsung SGH-i520, Samsung SGH-i550,
Samsung SGH-i560, Samsung SGH-i570, Samsung SGH-L870
If Hp Buddy In accordance with HP Type the above Checks Only to the scene.

For my friend the other knowledgeable help at Joint Share y to enlightenment.

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