Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Filling station is an easy thing to do, just turn the gas cap and fill tank. But beyond that, there are intricate and complex process. Myth circulating in the community was pumping gas in the morning better than a vehicle to refuel during the day, is it true that?

Indeed, this sounds illogical, but it helps fill up in the morning. As reported by autoevolution, it is not a myth.

Because the heat will make gasoline evaporate and eventually need more space in the tank. So the conclusion? Petrol filling in as the cold, such as early morning or evening mean temperature is lower and more gasoline than the gasoline vapor itself.

The second myth. Some people say is better than filling the gas tank full of regular gasoline filling in some time with a little jumla.

There are two explanations for this, but it depends on the risk which would you choose. First, the less gasoline in the tank, means more air. This will make the car more wasteful consumption of fuel due to evaporation of gasoline available.

In addition, it is said that the petrol filling in a short span of time will make the fuel pump and filter easily damaged.

When we fill the gas tank on the advice given in the manufacturer, it should be avoided, although we will travel long distances. If you do this, it will damage the sensor in the tank and will also make the car load increases and ultimately reduce the car's performance.

In addition to the added weight makes the car, excess fuel will also cause additional air vapor that would make gasoline evaporate more easily.
The third myth. Avoid refueling when the fuel truck was pumping gas at the pump. This myth is true. In addition to fire-prone, you should avoid filling gasoline tank truck because when there is any dust or particles at the base station can be sucked into the car. If these particles get into the fuel tank could damage the filter and pump stations.

For tips, choosing the right type of fuel for vehicles is the first thing to do. Do not let you choose the wrong fuel for vehicles. Consequently your car can read ngelitik that can make a car engine is damaged.

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