Friday, August 10, 2012


Never got an email from unknown senders while mentioning that you have successfully won the lottery? Yes, it is one of the commonly used classical mode of cyber criminals.

Do not easily believe it! There are many diverse guile cyber fraudsters to trick unsuspecting Internet users.

Yes, the Internet is a source for finding information that is not limited. On the other hand, these services also opens the door wide for the crime (scam).

Internet users in the world whose numbers have an easy prey dedemit billions of cyberspace. Various ways have been prepared to deceive netter actors, which include use of email facilities and other online services.

Here are some of the mode of action of deception used to do such cyber criminals.

1.Undian Loteres
Yes, as mentioned in earlier articles, e-mail that comes with confidence directly oust you - the recipient - as the winner of a lottery with prizes of hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars.

In fact, you had never felt following a lottery in question. Definite feeling that comes mixed: the shocked, excited, curious at the same time.

Because it was curious that, you must be wondering about what the lottery have been followed by a sudden got an email that states have a winner.

Offender's use of excessive pleasure in their victims carefully so it does not matter the origin of the email. Then, potential victims are usually required to transmit the data yourself, or visit linktertentu.

Until the end, he actually became a victim of fraud as well as theft of personal information from phishing perpetrators are acting in an email.

2. Disaster Donations
Who is not stirred when they hear the news of natural disasters that hit a region that claimed many victims. Well, the emotionality is also sometimes used to conduct cyber criminal acts deception.

The usual run of action is to send the email associated funding requests that include a link to provide relief donation.

This link will then point to the middle of nowhere one-page site that contains a form for filing assistance. Typically use debit or credit card online.

And if internet users just send the card number information - be it a debit or credit - it's also true is negligence. Because it can be exploited so that the resulting action, aka carding or use of counterfeit credit cards to make matters worse, drain the contents of the savings.

So do not be fooled by this mode. Make sure if you want to help victims of natural disasters through trusted organizations. After all, there's no harm in also take a moment to look up information about your organization that will fund drizzle.

3. Online Dating
The mushrooming of online dating sites and popular among internet users. Of course many are pinning high hopes to find her soul mate from this service.

But do not be blinded by the look of a beautiful and handsome photographs. Might cause it was not the real face of the owner of the account.

Many of the reasons they do so. But if in the beginning was not honest, they should be assumed to have no good intentions.

The case most often happens is, the perpetrators usually claim to the middle of the city where you visited on business or other purposes. Later, she acted as if he needed money by reason of a sudden and wanted to borrow it to you, as her new mooring.

This is where you tested the emotional side. For, if the first is consumed by the perpetrator persuasions, would be easy to say 'Yes' and give up his money.

Suggestion of this is, do not easily trust with people you just met, especially on the internet.

Including if they ask for ground coffee (ketemuan directly in the real world). You should - especially women - do not come alone and do not meet in a quiet place or home. Pick a crowded place.

4. Abal-abal Antivirus
This scam usually want to trick the user a sense of panic. First, players initially create the look of pop-ups claiming that computer users have been infected with a virus, so it should have addressed as soon as possible.

In the midst of the panic that arises, then the service offered antivurus download software that is claimed to clean the virus in question. Moreover the software is free too.

Yet the truth is that computer users are not actually infected with the virus. While antivirus software offered abal-abal is unclear.

In fact true, could have compromised the user's computer malware such as viruses, worms, trojan or other after downloading the software has to offer.

At worst, which is injected into the computer software can steal sensitive information owned by the user.

The point here is, you as an internet user must not download software from unknown sources. If you want to download antivirus for free, just visit the site directly antivirus manufacturer in question.

5. The lure of Drug Free
Weight-loss ads with the lure of free time during the trial were also reported including one scam that often occur on the internet.

Mode of action is usually accompanied by a request banking information. The reason for the administration and delivery of goods.

And with the banking information should be confidential, the offender may charge or monthly charge if you forget to stop using the drug in its free version.

So usually the test period lasted 15-30 days. Well after that, then your credit or debit card will be charged, which certainly do not want.

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