Sunday, August 12, 2012


World of work, as one of many institutions 'grab' our time, not just a place to work, but also a place bersosialiasi. Therefore, in addition to improving the technical and professional skills, social skills too needs improvement. Whatever your field of work, though not in the public relations, socialization remains to be done, as part of interaction with others.
Bersosialiasi basic principle is how people get to know you and love you. No one was happy to co-workers are staring at computer screens all day. But, no one likes when there are colleagues who are too busy bergosipria as if no work, or busy to comment on and criticize these so called public enemy. Therefore, socialization is very depending on your ability to pull them off all of that interaction.
A. Speak clearly
The ability to communicate will have an impact on how people will treat you. They are usually jolly lot of friends, because he knows how to build a conversation.
2. Got something to say
Do not think that just because you talk to, someone else would listen. Make sure that your comments are no 'contents'. Do not just be a 'leaky bucket'.
3. Understanding
Everyone has a different background. Thus, the initial conversation usually can not be used as a benchmark to judge other people. You may not agree with co-workers, but still can work together productively.
4. Influence of others
With the opinion and the opinion is qualified, you have to give 'color' in socializing. This will affect other people and they will love you.
5. Solve each problem
Conflict is not always bad. Each argument can be used as material for a solution. If you can, do.
6. Keep cool
Liver may be hot, the head must remain cool, sounds familiar. So, if you see someone who is happy mess, better stay away from him.
7. Do not be afraid to change
Some people are so stubborn until he refused to change despite the change is good. Do not be so.
8. There is no "I" in team
Many people like to bring his ego in a team work. Hopefully you are not one of them. Do not forget to praise the work of others, they will do the same thing.
9. Stand in the middle
It is rather difficult, what else could you get involved directly. But, at least, you have a clear opinion when there is a conflict. Try to grab the first distance, so you can analyze things accurately.
10. Have a plan
Like anything in life, prepare yourself when going to socialize. Even if you are spontaneous and clever beromongkosong, you must have a benchmark in the process of thinking when making conversation.

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