Thursday, August 9, 2012


Often, a horror story where a powerful magnet for tourists. For those of you who like to test your nerve, be prepared for goosebumps when visited four destinations in the world's most sinister. Bold?

There are various reasons behind the activities of traveling. Want to see the wild, enrich the historical, cultural deepening, also reveals the secrets of a place. The latter is also often carried by travelers. Upon hearing the mystical story, chilling may be standing, but it is definitely bubbling curiosity is not it?

The following four destinations in the world's most sinister. Dared to go there?

1. Temple of Mae Son, Thailand
Locals call it Wat Mae Prakanong son (Son Mother Temple in Prakanong). Although actually, the temple in Bangkok is more like a home. The casual visitor to visit the Temple of Mae kid ask for blessings. The pilgrims bring flowers, cosmetics, toys, diapers, and bottles of milk as seserahan the son and daughter Mae.

There is a story behind this tradition is scary. Hundred years ago, a beautiful woman named son lived on the banks of the River Pranakong, the City of Bangkok. He then married a man named Maak. When pregnant with her first son, Maak who was following the draft to fight in defense of the country. Maak not come home when the delivery boy.

Tragically, the boy died in an effort to give birth. So did her first child who died some time later. However, due to a very great love for the Maak, the ghost boy refused to leave the house until her husband returned home.

Maak went back home without knowing that his wife's ghost. These past couple living together as if everything is normal!

Until one day, revealing the fact that Mae's son had died. Mae means 'mother' in Thai language. Having realized that he had lived with the ghost of his wife, Maak and then went to a temple to call a local shaman. Son Mae and wrath, and began to terrorize the people in the village. The whole village is scared!

Shamans are visited by Maak finally managed to defeat the spirit of Mae son. Shaman's cut forehead bone Mae son and save his soul in a bottle. Since that time, built a special shrine in memory of Mae son. This temple complex is located in the temple of Wat Maha But. Even today, legends and traditions that accompany it are still there.

2. Chateau de Machecoul, France
France not only through the charming city of Paris with its Eiffel Tower alone. Chateau de Machecoul in Pays de La Loire is a house where a serial killer once lived.

Gilles de Rais was (1404-1440), a knight who at once the most feared killer time. Within one year (1434-1435), de Rais killed many children.

The killing was done in his own house, after the first rape victim. The behavior of these savages, de Rais was executed by hanging in her own home.

3. Oubliette Leap Castle, Ireland
There is a magnificent castle fortress in the city Ollfaly, Italy. His name is Leap Castle Oubliette, which was built around the year 1250. In 1659, Darby family lived in the fort.

Known Darby family proud and evil. They often take hostages and execute the city's residents in this castle. No wonder there is in this castle basement, which serves as the holding room. There found the bones that had rotted!

It made many people curious, and wanted to see first hand the former citadel of evil in this. Some tourists claim to see a tiny little figure, bent, green, accompanied by the smell of corpses and sulfur.

4. Catacombs of Paris, France
There's more sinister places in France. Who would have thought in the underground city of Paris there is a mass grave with millions of skulls. Are the Catacombs of Paris, where the bones of 6 million bodies were found. , this place called L'Empire de la Mort, or "the Kingdom of Death".

Once, around the 18th century there was no land for a cemetery in the city of Paris. One funeral came crashing down into the basement, just hit a tunnel. Began at this time that all the bones in the cemetery was moved to the underground. Now, the Catacombs of Paris became a tourist destination for the traveler testers guts horror.

Not infrequently, the tourists who traveled heard screams and strange noises. Just imagine, only armed with a flashlight in hand, you will pierce the darkness and find thousands of skulls in the tunnel. Hiii!

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