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Page Rank is a patented algorithm that serves to determine which web sites are more important / popular. PageRank is one of the main features of the Google search engine and created by its founder, Larry Page and Sergey Brin who is a Ph.D. student Stanford University.

How do I get a high page now? Actually, to get a page rank can be learned as well as an exact science, like mathematics or physics, so a high page rank does not always come by accident.

The formula for pendapatkan high page rank are as follows

  • High Page Rank = 2 incoming links: 1 link out
  • High Page Rank Page rank = + 1 we

To obtain a good page rank we must adjust the link on our blog, not to link out a lot more incoming links to our blog. This means that if we put a link on our blog to another blog, there must be at least 2 links to us first.
With the algorithms 'PageRank' is, in every page will be inbound link (incoming link) and outbound link (link keuar) from any web page

This second meaning is if we have a page rank blog, for example 0 we put a link to blogyang has page rank 1, if your blog has a page rank 1 we put links to blogs that berpage rank 2, and so on.
The approach used is a page would bet is important if other pages have a link to that page. A page will also become increasingly important if other pages have a rank (pagerank) height refers to the page. PageRank is the approach used, the process occurs recursively where a ranking will be determined by the ranking of web pages that the ranking is determined by the ranking of other web pages that link to that page.

A site will be more popular if more and more sites that put a link that leads to a site, assuming the content / site content is more useful than the content / content of other sites. PageRank is calculated with a scale of 1-10.

A site that has a Pagerank 9 will be in the first rank in the Google search list than sites that have a Pagerank 8 and smaller then onwards.

This formula applies relative, because many affected a lot of things. But with a little groping and predicts a high page rank we can get better. Do not think too Being a Page Rank is important, our Post is paramount.

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