Thursday, July 19, 2012


Research and many studies that prove that chocolate has health benefits. Bio-active substances in the form of anti-oxidants are believed to be beneficial in terms of medical, psychological and even chocolate can make you feel comfortable. Even so do not be deceived by the properties of these delicious sweets nan. It is better to consider it again or even be wise to choose chocolate products, because it is not impossible that you will get a loss rather than the expected benefits of these foods. Chocolate as a snack comes after a leading medical journal in its latest edition states that the benefits of chocolate is now widely "abused". For that to be considered again.
In the journal Lancet reported that many manufacturers of cocoa flavanols is now just remove the content because it tastes bitter. As a result, many chocolate products on the market currently dominated by just a fat and sugar. Yet this is precisely these two substances is the enemy of the heart and blood vessels.

Many studies have suggested that eating chocolate can reduce the risk of heart disease, lowers blood pressure and relieve fatigue. But according to an article written in the journal Lancet, chocolate can actually be deceiving. When companies make chocolate candy, chocolate ingredients that make a solid natural color becomes black and flavanols that tastes bitter, it is removed. Hence, dark brown that looks can be no flavanol. Consumers also are always blinded by the flavanol content of chocolate because manufacturers rarely provide any information on this information in its products, "wrote the Lancet. The Journal also noted that although a product of flavanols contained in cocoa, chocolate lovers must remain alert to the substance or other content. "Satan in dark chocolate is the fat, sugar and calories contained in it. To get the properties for health, for that love to eat dark chocolate in moderate amounts should balance it by reducing the intake of other foods. This job is not easy even to the diligent keeping caloric intake though, "said Lancet.
In people with allergies and food intolerance chocolate is the main enemy. People with food allergies because chocolate usually with symptoms of frequent stomach aches, sensitive skin, acne, sakilt head, migraines, asthma, persistent cough, difficulty CHAPTER (constipation), and impaired concentration have to be careful in consuming chocolate. Similarly, in behavioral disorders such as Autism and ADHD and learning disorders chocolate should be a major concern to be avoided. It may be in the Dark Chocolate a few people with allergies or intolerances can receive, but other forms of chocolate often cause persistent complaints. this happens because in the processing of chocolate is also accompanied by various substances and other additives to make sense of bitterness. Sometimes it is the additives cause allergic reactions in people with allergies or intolerance

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